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Biking family still rolling, even in the snow

Stacy Bisker with her children, from left, Elliot, Oliver, Avery and London Patterson, enjoyed a bike ride earlier this fall, and continue to enjoy their wheeled Buffalo lifestyle, along with dad Brent Patterson, who commutes by bike to his teaching job at SUNY Buffalo State. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

If you've been belly-aching about all the snow this week, you'll probably be surprised to hear that the family I featured in a biking story a few weeks back is reveling in their first Buffalo winter

The Bisker-Patterson family moved to the University District in August – without a car!

Read the story we published about them last month here.

They look to get through the snowy season using their cargo bikes, public transportation and, if necessary, a CarShare program not far from their home, off Englewood Drive.

The mom, Stacy Bisker, shipped me an email on Wednesday that read in part:

"We are still trekking away. Last night's surprise fluffy was great. Brought the kids home from school without any sliding or wheel spinning, only a little slower. Made for awesome holiday lights viewing by the boys."

I'm betting the family stayed comfortably tucked indoors during our mini-blizzard on Thursday night, and I look to check back in with the family and other winter Buffalo bikers come January, to see how they're doing.

Meanwhile, Bisker hasn't posted any winter photos yet on her blog,, but she does paint an inviting picture about how rewarding family bicycling can be in these parts – at least other times of the year.

– Scott Scanlon

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