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Family fun planned at Science Museum

Families looking for together-time fun in the coming days can unlock the secrets found just beneath our feet with Science Rocks! activities at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Staff will help museum guests explore geology activities during the winter school break from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. through Wednesday.

The following activities, included with general museum admission and free to museum members, will take place throughout the museum’s science studios and workshops:

• Salt painting: Explore the many textures and colors of salt. Add some glue, water and paper to make a work of art that will glisten and shine.

• Asbestos awareness: Learn about its uses and the damage it can do to our body.

• Mystery minerals: Gold or fool’s gold? Diamond or cubic zirconia? Try your hand at some real scientific tests.

• Tectonically Speaking: From earthquakes to volcanoes to supercontinents, moving tectonic plates can pack a punch; but how do these huge continents move?

• Ancient invertebrates: Peek back into history with the help of fossils.

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