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Area dentist leading national symposium

Dr. Michael Glick, dean of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, has organized and will act as program chair of “The First International Quintessence Symposium on Oral Health: The Oral-Systemic Connection,” taking place this weekend in San Diego.

Glick, editor of the Journal of American Dental Association, is known for his approach that encourages dental students to think of themselves as health care professionals, first, and dentists second.

“Over the past several decades, an impressive body of knowledge has accumulated about the impact of oral infections and overall health and well-being,” Glick said in a news release. “Studies have found important associations that are now being evaluated for causative relationships. New information is being published at a rapid pace, and clinicians must sort through sometimes conflicting published findings.”

Topics include the role of oral health on pregnancy, the cardiovascular system, and obesity, osteoporosis and other conditions.

Two UB researchers will be among the guest speakers. Frank A. Scannapieco, chairman of the UB Department of Oral Biology, will present on “Links between the Oral Microbiota and Pulmonary Disease,” and Dr. Robert J. Genco, SUNY distinguished professor of oral biology and microbiology and immunology, will present on “The Association of Periodontal Disease and Diabetes.”

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