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Parting thoughts on parenting guru's recent Buffalo visit

John Rosemond’s visit last week to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in the Town of Tonawanda was filled with lots of food for parental thought.

I wrote a previous blog post on the visit last weekend, which is reprinted in today’s WNY Refresh section of The Buffalo News.

We didn’t have room in print to squeeze in a few other notable quotes from Rosemond’s talk, so here are a few more:

  • “In all honesty, Buffalo feels like a small town to me. It’s just embracing and friendly. If it wasn’t for the accent, I’d think I was in the South.”
  • “The problems that we’re having in American parenting are not emanating from children. Your children are responding to you. And if you accept that, that the problem is you – no matter how well-intentioned you are, no matter how much you love your child, no matter how hard you are trying – the problem is you, then you just put yourself on the road to correcting the problem.”
  • “Children will do what they are told. Today’s parents aren’t telling them. … There’s this thing about choices, giving children choices. The choice I had was, ‘Do what you’re told or not,’ and here was the thing: If you didn’t do what you were told, you were punished. If you did do what you were told, nothing happened – and you wanted nothing to happen, so you learned to do what you were told.”
  • On explanations: “Children have a right to know. Why? Where is this right written down? Was it in the Constitution somewhere and they decided the Constitution was so long they took that out to make it a little shorter? Children have a right to know the reasons? Apparently I did not enjoy this right … (Decades ago) parents told you what to do, in language that was compressed, in short sentences. ‘This is what I expect. Period. End of discussion.’”
  • “Mothers are constantly in this state of inadequacy … constantly thinking there’s more they have to do in order to prove to themselves that they have risen properly to the challenge of being a good mommy in the year 2014. (This creates anxiety and stills) the soft, quiet voice of the heart. ... We’re thinking too much.”
  • – Scott Scanlon


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