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Super Bowl doesn't have to be a feeding frenzy

Did you sleep well Saturday night?

If not, you may want to think about a nap this afternoon before the Super Bowl kicks off this evening.

That's one of several tips in an Atlanta Journal Constitution story for those looking to enjoy the Super Bowl tonight but still feel good, healthy and guilt-free Monday morning.

Boiled down, here are the tips:

Don't skip meals: Eat breakfast, lunch and maybe even a light dinner before snacking during the big game.

Be active: I'll be at spinning and stretch classes while some of you are reading this. Take away some of the guilt before the game by exercising.

Sack the sugar: Soda and juices are loaded with unnecesary calories. Choose water and add fresh fruit slices.

Get creative: Limit chips, crackers and french fries. Make a veggie tray instead. Or how about fruit kabobs, popcorn or build-your-own salads. Also, consider some of these EatingWell recipes, including some Buffalo wing-style prospects.

Enjoy, in moderation: Have four or five chicken wings instead of a dozen, or 20; make your own healthy pizza, with vegetables. 

Drink alcohol responsibly, if at all: Don't drink too much, and never drink and drive. If you're drinking, have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. Before the game, it's also worth a look at this Buffalo News hangover story from New Year's Eve, and remember the main point: if you don't want to have a hangover Monday morning, don't get drunk!

– Scott Scanlon 



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