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Live from the Arena: Miller-less Sabres vs. Rangers

Right off the top, Darcy Regier just met the media in the press box a few minutes before tonight's Sabres-Rangers game and announced that Ryan Miller is day-to-day -- and NOT week to week -- with an upper-body injury. He said the Dion Phaneuf shot in the third period last night in Toronto did play a role in the injury. He declined to answer if Miller had any concussion testing in the wake of the Brian Rolston shot he took to the head Saturday against New Jersey.

Regier then said Miller IS a possibility to play this weekend in Washington and Carolina. That was all he had to offer. The whole meeting with reporters lasted 55 seconds.

So I suppose that's better news than  what we could have heard.  Stay tuned for game updates.

---Mike Harrington

Sabres starters: Gerbe-Gaustad-Mancari-Weber-Sekera. Goal: Enroth
Rangers starters: Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko-Staal-Girardi. Goal: Lundqvist 

Third Period

Of note: Carolina leads Montreal, 4-1, through 40 minutes so the Sabres have to win this one to keep their three-point lead. The good news is they could pull within two of Montreal. ... Lundqvist IS back and in goal for the third period.

853 p.m. The puck is dropped.

19:44 left: Enroth robs Stepan from right in front. Sekera counting the house behind the net and Weber doing likewise in front. Yikes.

17:52 left: Enroth stops Boyle after a Montador giveaway.

15:16 left: Weber nearly crunched Avery at the Buffalo line, but got him enough to stop a rush. The "Let's Go Rangers" chants are starting again to boos. The Blueshirts have been much better in this period. Shots are 4-3 for New York but three of the four have been solid chances.

10:53 left: Sabres still holding on, have a 31-18 edge in shots on goal.

10:18 left: Gragnani has been solid tonight but not there. Backhands the puck from behind the net right in front and nearly off Enroth. Goalie covers.

8:00 left: This is a tight, tight period. Shots are 6-5 for Buffalo.

5:15 left: Sabres holding on at Cotton Eye Joe time.

3:30 left: Enroth again kills the play with the glove with his team running around in the zone. Grabs McCabe's wrister and gets his team a change. Huge.

1:55 left: Pominville stopped on wraparound.

1:10 left: Empty net.

IT'S OVER: Sabres hold on desperately for a 1-0 win and big scrum ensues. Shots 35-23. Enroth's first NHL shutout. Huge win to keep Carolina away.

Second Period

8:02 p.m.: The puck is dropped and bad news out of Raleigh as it's Jeff Skinner 2, Montreal 0. Heat really on the Sabres tonight.

18:38 left: Dubinsky beats Enroth high but clanks it off the crossbar.

18:02 left: Enroth spears Ryan McDonagh's laser from the point.

15:10 left: Staal goes for interference after a dangerous rush into the zone by Pominville. Staal dumped Connolly in front, right when Pominville was looking for him with the pass.

14:32 left: Gragnani does a great job stopping a 2 (and maybe 3-)-on-1 and Vanek gets it to Connolly, who pumps a rocket off the post past Lundqvist. Sabres lead, 1-0. Gragnani gets an assist too for his first NHL point.

13:10 left: Enroth stops a Prospal slapper. Shots are 17-10 for Buffalo.

11:15 left: Lundqvist gets his glove on a Stafford shot on a 2-on-1.

10:30 left: Stafford dangerous again but Lundqvist is there. Shots 22-11.

8:20 left: Enroth gloves a McDonagh one-timer to get the Sabres out of trouble. The Gaustad line and Weber-Sekera were hemmed in for nearly a minute.

6:53 left: Lundqvist robs Brad Boyes from the doorstep.

3:29 left: Montador goes for slashing.

2:38 left: Enroth with a good stop on Staal.

1:20 left: Another great PK job, including a near-breakaway by Gaustad that Lundqvist stopped on the backhand after a steal near center ice.

24.4 left: Rangers fans holding their breath as Lundqvist is gimping around on his right leg in clear discomfort after a flurry in front of the New York net. He'll stay in.

End-2nd: Sabres hold their 1-0 lead. Shots are 26-14 for Buffalo (11-6 in that period) and Lundqvist is very, very slow getting off the ice.

First Period

7:08 p.m.: The puck is dropped.

18:46 left: Enroth with a good save on Brandon Dubinsky after a neat feed on a 2-on-1 by Artem Anisimov. Where exactly was Myers going in the Rangers' zone? Another 2-on-1. Lindy Ruff said the Leafs had five last night.

17:20 left: Agitator Sean Avery welcomes Matt Ellis back to the NHL with a push to the back by the benches. That got Cody McCormick's attention. Bears watching.

16:00 left: The Sabres line up tonight this way to start: Gerbe-Gaustad-Mancari, Vanek-Connolly-Pominville, Niedermayer-McCormick-Ellis, Ennis-Boyes-Stafford. Defense: Weber-Sekera, Butler-Myers, Gragnani-Montador.

13:44 left: Lundqvist turns away a McCormick slapper after a steal in the neutral zone. Shots are 5-1 for Buffalo.

12:29 left: Vanek and Connolly going hard to the net. Lundqvist holds firm. Shots now 8-1. An excellent start.

9:13 left: The Connolly line is dangerous again. Good pass from the corner by Pominville to Vanek but his shot was partially blocked. Sabres have an 11-2 edge in shots but Lundqvist hasn't had to make any spectacular stops yet.

7:50 left: Enroth with his best save on Marian Gaborik streaking down the right side and another on Vinny Prospal 15 seconds later from the slot. Better saves than anything Lundqvist has had to make in the period.

5:50 left: Rangers coming on, Sabres getting sloppy Ryan Callahan just wide on a good chance from the slot.

2:02 left: Anisimov scores on a rebound but interference is called as Sekera knocked Callahan into Enroth and Callahan ended up on top of Enroth, not allowing the goalie to move. The whole thing started, however, when Callahan wiped out Sekera in the corner to get the puck. Rangers continued possession from there.

1:00 left: Lundqvist with his best two saves on Vanek, who undressed the Rangers defense to get in alone. Great block also by Brian Boyle to stop another chance.

7.7 left: Stafford elbowing, Callahan roughing.

End-1st: No score. Sabres have a 15-8 edge in shots. Lundqvist has given up three goals in the last 10 periods plus an overtime. Wow.



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John Vogl

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