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Miller on the defensive

Sabres goalie Ryan Miller put in some extra work in practice, as he was one of the last ones off the ice Thursday during the team's 60-minutes plus workout following Wednesday night's 3-2 loss.

In that game, Miller yielded three goals on 11 shots in the opening 6:23. The crowd booed when he let in two questionable goals from the left circle (from my point of view, he was back too deep in his net on both of the rising slappers that beat him glove side).

He said, matter of factly, after the game: "They bought their tickets and they can do whatever they want. They were cheering when I made a save, booing when I don't. Whatever."

He didn't change his stance when asked about the situation today.

“I’m not talking about the fans.”

When a reporter asked why, Miller replied: “Because I addressed it last night. They bought a ticket. They want to boo, they want to cheer, they can do whatever they want. It doesn’t really matter. They bought the ticket, they can do whatever they want. I’ll leave it at that.”

Miller was in a rather defensive mood during his time with the press.

Here's some of the other comments during his short four minute or so chat. In regards to the first question, Miller was first one on the ice about 12 minutes before the official start of practice. He skated around, shot the puck a few times, did some stretching (looked like he's breaking in some new all-white pads) while seemingly thinking.

"The biggest thing he was trying to work on during practice?

"I’m just trying to get rid of last night, not really focus on anything, have a moment to myself before practice and reset. 

"It’s more mental [than technical].”

 When a reporter asked how successful he was at it today ...

“I don’t know guys. Like, are you going to start critiquing my practices now?" Miller said. "I’m just trying to reset and do my thing.”

 When the same reporter asked, maybe a better way to ask it is do you feel more refreshed, Miller said, “It’s getting there.”

 When pressed on trying to find out from Miller where he thinks he's at with his game and what he's fighting through, he wouldn't completely divulge everyting but did give the following response.

“I suppose I’m just trying to find a good place to be and just help the team where I can," Miller said. "I don’t really know where to go because what I need to work on is a longer explanation than you guys are going to put on the air and I don’t really care to share it because it’s a process I do on my own. I’m obviously frustrated with certain elements and that’s pretty obvious. I’m just trying to figure a good [place] to be in, get rid of the last few games and move on. That’s what I want to start doing after this interview.”

In regards to whether the Sabres will be sticking to the schedule of splitting the weekend games between the goalies, coach Lindy Ruff said he's sticking to the plan. When pressed as to who would start what game, he wouldn't divulge that information. Not sure if that question prompted him to cut short his press conference with the media after roughly four minutes but he started to bolt as another reporter was about to ask about fans.

Here is audio from Miller's interview with the media along with Ruff's press conference, which was before Miller's chat.

Ryan Miller

Lindy Ruff

---Miguel Rodriguez

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