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Numerology: Miller vs. Quick

By Mike Harrington

Team USA coach Dan Bylsma said point-blank here last week that "I'm a Miller family fan" while talking about the goaltending decision he faced at the Olympics. The Miller family may not be much of a fan of Bylsma right about now with the word coming out of Russia today that Los Angeles' Jonathan Quick will get the start in goal in the Americans' Olympic opener against Slovakia.

I'm going to reserve total judgment on this decision for now because I'm still thinking Bylsma is splitting the first two games, starting Quick against Slovakia and putting Miller in net for the real juggernaut Saturday against Russia, before ultimately going forward with the hotter hand.

I asked Bylsma about exactly that scenario when he was here last week and it was the only question in an eight-minute interview he brusquely shrugged off. He said only, "I'm not locked into anything." Based on his reaction, I might have been on to something there. We'll see. Miller went 18 for 18 in shots against, plus a shootout save, against Russian star Alexander Ovechkin in two games this year. That might come into play too.

That said, Miller has not played a game now since that loss to the Penguins. Starting him against Russia will be his first game in 10 days, usually a dicey proposition for a goalie.

Here's a look comparing the numbers of Miller and Quick.

2013-14 Season
Miller  14-22-3, 2.74, .923
Quick  16-13-2, 2.18, .911

Last 10 games
Miller 4-4-2, 2.84, .912
Quick 2-7-1, 2.46, .898

Vs. Pittsburgh
Miller 0-2-0, 3.55, .896
Quick 0-1-0, 9.02, .571 (gave up 3 goals on 7 shots and was pulled after one period on Jan. 30)

Miller by month
Oct. 1-10-0, 3.03, .919
Nov. 4-5-2, 3.08, .917
Dec. 5-2-1, 1.82, .949
Jan. 4-3-2, 2.29, .927
Feb. 0-2-0, 6.00, .836

Quick by month
Oct. 8-4-0, 2.56, .903
Nov. 2-1-0, 1.74, .911
Dec. DNP-injured
Jan. 5-6-2, 1.85, .925
Feb. 1-2-0, 2.68, .882

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John Vogl

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Mike Harrington

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Amy Moritz

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