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I really need a vacation

So I'm taking one this week. However, if there's any interesting, breaking news, my colleague Deidre Williams may be posting items to the blog this week so do check back.

Plans to turnaround Buffalo Public Schools that the public hasn't seen - Part 2


Following up on my last blog post, here's a copy of the Buffalo school district's Comprehensive Improvement Plan, which was approved by the board in a 6-2 vote Wednesday. As with the district's Strategic Plan, the public didn't get to see this Wednesday.

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Plans to turnaround Buffalo Public Schools that the public hasn't seen - Part 1

Apparently, a front-page story about the lack of Buffalo school district transparency isn't enough to convince school administrators and publicly elected school board members that openness and public consideration is a GOOD THING.

Wednesday night was the perfect example. Aside from members of the board, apparently no one was entitled to see the district's three new key plans to turn around the struggling school district:

  • The district five-year Strategic Plan
  • District Comprehensive Improvement Plan
  • School Comprehensive Education Plan

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Live blog of marathon Buffalo school board meeting Aug. 21

Please join us for tonight's live blog. The Buffalo school board will discuss a long list of weighty topics at tonight's 5:30 p.m. meeting, including the superintendent's reorganization, the district's new strategic plan, and an update on teachers union contract negotiations, among other topics.

For the board agenda, click here.

How to address the Buffalo school board

This is my second blog post related to school board openness and transparency.

The Buffalo school board's nine board members regularly speak with constituents and hear their concerns. But sometimes parents, organizations and community members find it more productive and effective to present before the entire board during a regular meeting.

Speaking before the Buffalo Board of Education can be very daunting, however, especially if you don't know the rules - like the requirement that you sign up to speak by noon the day before. (If you were hoping to address the school board this week and haven't yet signed up, you're too late.)

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Another News staffer joining the Buffalo schools beat

It's a crazy time to be covering Buffalo City Schools. Big stories are breaking on an almost daily basis. We can barely keep up, let alone find time to do the kinds of big-picture, enterprise reporting that readers deserve.

So I'm happy to inform everyone that The Buffalo News is continuing its commitment to comprehensive education coverage by assigning a second full-time beat reporter, Deidre Williams, to the Buffalo school district. (You may have read her byline on education stories over this past week.)

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Commissioner finds Lafayette/East plans lacking

The state education commissioner is again asking the Buffalo school district to revise its school turnaround plans for East and Lafayette high schools. He's also asking for further revisions to the grant applications for the turnaround of BEST and School 80 (which was mentioned in a previous blog post).

Here's Commissioner John King's 10-page letter outlining the plan deficiencies for all four schools:

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Will the Buffalo school board make transparency a priority?

As journalists, we are taught present facts in a fair and balanced manner whenever possible and to avoid obvious bias and advocacy. But when it comes to issues of openness and transparency, journalists stand together in their belief that public organizations harm society (and in this case, harm children) when they support practices that hinder public access to information.

In the case of the Buffalo Public Schools, there are physical barriers to information access, such as where and how the school board conducts its meetings. And there are procedural and policy-related barriers to access, such as the district's failure to post public documents and agendas online, and its facilitation of "small group" meetings.

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Paladino renews his effort to get rid of the superintendent

Maverick board member Carl Paladino is resubmitting his motions to have Supt. Pamela Brown fired and to declare her June evaluation to be illegal. He says he'll be getting seconds to these motions at Wednesday's school board meeting, and he may. But if he gets the four votes necessary to support either motion, that would be a stunner.

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Revising the revision on the music restoration (say that 3x fast!)

Okaaay. So I was out of the office yesterday and found a new revision request from the district in my inbox today regarding the music blog post and chart I posted on Wednesday.

Tuesday was when I had originally asked district administrators for chart information that detailed how many instrumental music teachers were in the schools this past school year, how many were budgeted for this coming year, and how many were restored. Straightforward, right? I thought I was in good shape because I was using information provided directly from the school district. I also asked district administrators to review my complete chart on Wednesday to clarify some issues, which they did. I revised Wednesday's blog post.

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