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Tennis: McAdoo still can do

We now know what Bob McAdoo did in the 1975 offseason after his Buffalo Braves lost to Washington in the first round of the playoffs.

He became a tennis fan.

McAdoo is the subject of an article in Tennis magazine this month. It seems he became caught up in the game when Arthur Ashe beat Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon that summer. He's a pretty good player now at the age of 59 (rating of 4.0).

McAdoo's daughter is actually the focus of the article. Rasheeda is 15 and a rising young junior player in Florida. She was a student at the Evert Tennis Academy for three years, as the family had a town house across the street from the facility in Boca Raton. Now, Rasheeda is coached by Rodney Harrison.

By the way, Kiki Vandeweghe has a nice on the WTA tour, and Mark Price has a dughter who is a rising young 17-year-old in tennis circles.

--- Budd Bailey


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