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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Never better

     November 26, 1974 -- This might have been the high point of the Buffalo Braves' franchise.

     The Braves completed the best month in their history on this night, beating Philadelphia, 103-99. The team only lost two games for the entire month while winning 12. The losses came at Portland and at Chicago, so the Braves were a perfect 6-0 at home for the month. In the middle of the month they had an 11-game winning streak.

     Oddly, the Braves were doing it without Ernie DiGregorio, their rookie of the year from the previous season. Buffalo lost Ernie D to a knee injury, and used Ken Charles as the starter. Bob Weiss and Lee Winfield were the spare guards.

     The Braves were a different team without DiGregorio. They certainly didn't resemble the fast-paced team that was thrilling to watch the previous year. Still, they had a better winning percentage when Charles started. This was not a good sign for Ernie D's career, but that issue could be put off for the time being.

     The Braves went on to a 49-33 record that season. Not only was it the best record in Buffalo Braves' history, it's never been topped by the Clippers in their history.

      For more on that 1974-75 season, click here.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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