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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Travelin' Man

     November 25, 1970 -- Mike McMahon was a hockey player who had seen the continent over the years. This date was one of his longest moves, and one remembered well by veteran Buffalo hockey fans.

     As of 1970, McMahon probably was thinking he had found a home with the expansion Sabres. His hockey career had taken him to Kitchener, Sudbury, St. Paul, Baltimore, New York, Minnesota, Houston, Quebec, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Springfield. Could he finally unpack?

     No. Sabres GM/Coach Punch Imlach got an offer he couldn't turn down, taking old friends Eddie Shack and Dick Duff for McMahon in a deal with the Kings.

     Shack proved useful, especially in that first year. He scored 25 goals in 56 games as a Sabre in 1970-71, and provided some excitement for a team that could use it when Gil Perreault and Roger Crozier weren't on the ice. Duff, a future Hall of Famer, offered plenty of experience for a young team that could use it.

     McMahon never made it to Los Angeles, playing in the American Hockey League for Springfield. Then it was on to a couple of more stops, including Rochester, before he jumped to the WHA. There he played for Minnesota and San Diego. His career ended in Springfield in 1977.

   Here are McMahon's statistics.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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