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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: We have a winner

   November 1, 1996 -- The Sabres' ownership picked a winner and a loser in a front office conflict. The team's board of directors fired team president Doug Moss and replacing him with Larry Quinn.

   Moss had been brought in to run the team in December 1994 after a stint with Madison Square Garden Network. He replaced Seymour Knox III as team president; Knox had become ill. Quinn had been put in charge of the construction of the new arena, and stayed on it to run it. The two sides reportedly had not gotten along well.

   The move was made while the Sabres were on a road trip in St. Louis.

   "I think everybody was surprised," said general manager John Muckler, who was told of the switch by phone. "I think it's sad when anybody has to depart. Doug certainly worked hard. I think he accomplished a great deal. It's too bad it has to end this way."

   At the time, there was no word about a move in the team's hockey department. Muckler said at the time about that possibility, "Not that I'm aware of. Nobody has said anything to me."

   However, the move proved crucial to the team later that season. Once Buffalo was eliminated from the playoffs, Muckler lost his job as general manager. He was replaced by Darcy Regier, who eventually moved to replace coach Ted Nolan with Lindy Ruff.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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