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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: By George

     December 15, 1970 -- The professional basketball career of George Wilson features plenty of sitting and suitcases.

     Wilson was a 6-foot-8 center who had the distinction of being taken three different NBA expansion drafts. He was picked by the Cincinnati Royals from the University of Cincinnati. Wilson went from there to Chicago to Seattle to Phoenix to Philadelphia. Then the Buffalo Braves took him in 1970.

     Wilson rarely got off the bench in Buffalo, but he had a single great moment in his Braves' career, and it happened on this date. The Braves were playing the powerful Los Angeles Lakers, eventual finalist in the NBA playoffs. With the score tied at 111, Wilson found himself with the ball 25 feet away from the basket as time ran down. With few other options, he shot the ball ... and made it.

     Game over, expansion team stuns Wilt, West, Baylor and Co., film at 11.

     Wilson is basically only remembered in Buffalo for that shot, and he was done with his pro career after the 1970-71 season (one that featured only 22 Buffalo wins), but at least he had a nice moment.

     For more on the Buffalo Braves' 1970-71 season, click here.

--- Budd Bailey


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