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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Through the doors

    December 13, 1972 -- It might be the most famous fight in Buffalo Sabres history, even today. Those who don't even like boxing mixed with hockey remember it.

   The Sabres were an up and coming team that season, putting aside the misery of the first two years as an expansion franchise. The team had added another very good player with its first round draft choice, as defenseman Jim Schoenfeld joined forwards Gil Perreault and Rick Martin to form the nucleus of some good teams.

   This night in the Aud, Schoenfeld and Boston's Wayne Cashman tangled in one of the corners of the ice in Memorial Auditorium. All of a sudden, the two fell through the doors and started throwing punches right on the concrete.

   "It kind of signified that the team was on the verge of doing something," Schoenfeld said.

   The Sabres went on to win the game, 7-3. They won enough games that season to make the playoffs for the first time.

 --- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey has served in a variety of roles in Buffalo sports in the past 35 years, including reporter, talk-show host, baseball announcer, public relations staffer and author. He covers the Bandits and running for The News when not working as an editor.