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This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Losing to the best

     March 15, 1957 -- The 1957 NCAA basketball tournament is mostly remembered for its finale.

     Kansas had Wilt Chamberlain, the most unstoppable force in the history of college basketball until that point. No one, it seemed, could stop 7-foot-1 Philadelphia native. That's until North Carolina did it -- or at least beat the Jayhawks -- in triple overtime in one of the great games in history.

     Wilt could have asked Canisius for a scouting report on the Tar Heels. The Golden Griffins lost to North Carolina, 87-75, in the Eastern semifinals of the tournament in Philadelphia on this date. Lenny Rosenbluth had 39 points for the Tar Heels, while senior Hank Nowak Ñ the future Congressman Ñ led Canisius with 24 points.

     It was the third of three straight NCAA appearances for the Golden Griffins. Canisius finished 22-6 under coach Joe Curran. It took 39 years for the Griffs to get back to the Big Dance.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey has served in a variety of roles in Buffalo sports in the past 35 years, including reporter, talk-show host, baseball announcer, public relations staffer and author. He covers the Bandits and running for The News when not working as an editor.