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Live from HSBC Arena: Bandits vs. Knighthawks

7:17 p.m. -- Hello from the downtown arena. It's the last regular season game of 2011, as the Bandits host Rochester. This has no bearing on the playoff matchups. It will still be Boston and Buffalo next week, while Rochester will play Toronto.

You'd think the Bandits might sit some veterans tonight, but they really can't. Brandon Francis has received four games in suspension due to an incident last week against Boston. He is appealing, but he is out for the time being and probably won't play next week as well. And, Jay Thorimbert is out with a sore shoulder; he could be back next week. Brett Bucktooth had a death in the family.

So it's all hands on deck, although it wouldn't be a surprise to see names like Tavares and Kelusky get a little more rest than usual. Rochester is sitting old friend Pat McCready and Sid Smith.

Angus Goodleaf will be the starter. He is still looking for his first win of the season (0-3). Mike Thompson probably will get to rest a bit.

The Bandits have had offensive problems at times this season, so they welcome the chance to get some work in for the playoffs. And speaking of the postseason ... I don't have a clue who is going to win the title, and I don't know that anyone that does.

7:26 p.m.  -- One interesting note from out of town -- the owner/GM of Calgary has appealed for ticket sales for the first playoff game. He says if the fans turn out, they might have to sell the rights to a second game to another city (perhaps the opponent, I guess). That would be, um, unique. I'm sure the Bandits would be happy to take a championship game off Calgary's hands if it came to that ... although having already gotten a passport in anticipation of that possible matchup, I'd be forced to ask the State Department for a refund.

7:40 p.m. -- By the way, we are sold out. And a reminder, the game will be shown on Versus tomorrow afternoon at 4.

7:44 p.m. -- I'd have to look this up to make sure, but it's tough imagine a worse start by the Bandits. Rochester has a 4-0 lead with 4:32 gone in the period. It's prompted a timeout and a goalie change, as Mike Thompson has checked in. I wonder if Mike was enthusiastic about this assignment, considering the way the defense has played so far.

7:52 p.m. -- Perhaps not. He hasn't helped, as Rochester has run its lead to 6-0. Buffalo richly deserves that deficit.

7:59 p.m. -- At least the Bandits are doing a good job of killing off a five-minute major. But they are still down, 7-1, with 3:01 left in the first period.

8:05 p.m. -- The first quarter has mercifully ended, and the Bandits still trail, 9-1. Rochester had a 17-9 edge in shots, and has gotten to most of the loose balls, too. A dreary 15 minutes for Buffalo.

8:18 p.m. -- The Bandits have stopped the bleeding for the moment. Buffalo has cut to the lead to 7-2 and showed a bit of spark. Still, not much is happening for Buffalo in the offensive end. There is 9:37 left in the second quarter.

8:27 p.m. -- Roger Vyse and John Tavares have scored, so the Bandits have cut the lead of Rochester to 7-4 with 4:31 left. This is turning into one of the really odd games in recent memory.

8:35 p.m. -- The Bandits trail, 8-5, after 30 minutes. That's more than they could have expected after falling behind early.

9:00 p.m. -- It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday, and the Bandits are still down three, 9-6. It's been a pretty even half to date, although Buffalo needs more than a draw the rest of the way.

9:11 p.m. -- Not a great deal happening on either side so far in the second half. We went more than five minutes without a goal until Jarrett Davis scored moments ago for Rochester. The Knighthawks have and 11-7 lead with three minutes left in the third.

9:18 p.m. -- It's stays 11-7 through three quarters, as we have completed a not particularly dramatic 15 minutes of play.

9:34 p.m. -- More trading of goals; John Tavares just cut the Rochester lead to 13-9. By the way, I didn't win the 50-50 draw for $20,000, so I'll have to go to work tomorrow.

9:40 p.m. -- Rochester came into the game 0-5 against Buffalo and Toronto. This has to give the Knighthawks a needed boost of confidence for the playoffs. 3:15 to go, with Rochester up five.

9:49 p.m. -- Rochester wins, 15-9. Off to the locker room.

11:21 p.m. -- This was a strange game. The Knighthawks certainly played with more emotion in a contest with nothing at stake. It did raise some questions about the Bandits heading into a postseason. They have lost their last three in a row at home, so no opposing team should come in here thinking they are bound to lose. Can they throw the on switch for the playoffs?

"Obviously the guys shut her down with two weeks left in the season," Bandits coach Darris Kilgour said.
"They weren't too worried about our home record. They were more worried about getting through the
games unscathed and hopefully pick it up in the playoffs."

See any easy games in the postseason? I sure don't. Rochester and Boston are playing extremely well, while Toronto and Buffalo staggered home. I must ask the boss to not make predictions about the way it all comes out.

Good night from downtown.

--- Budd Bailey

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Night into day

   April 23, 2003 -- The Buffalo Sabres' ownership situation, for so long a rock under the Knox brothers, had wandered into the wilderness for several years. The names of the members of the Rigas family and Mark Hamister had proven that point.

   That journey finally ended when Rochester's B. Thomas Golisano officially, and finally, took control of the team.

   "The deal has been closed," Golisano said at a news conference on the floor of HSBC Arena. "The Buffalo Sabres are secure and stable in their home in Buffalo."    Golisano had been in the mix to buy the team when Rigas' Adelphia Communications Corporation imploded, but he initially lost out to Hamister. When Hamister's bid didn't come together, Golisano became the last hope to keep the team in Buffalo.

   Golisano acted quickly to lure some of the Sabres' fans back, as he lowered season-ticket prices to 2001-02 levels. Then he named Larry Quinn, the former president of the team, to the title of managing partner.

   "[Quinn] "did a tremendous job in negotiating us through this entire project," Golisano said.

--- Budd Bailey

Live from the Fairgrounds Event Center

We're a few minutes away from the start of the Unfinished Business boxing card, the first boxing event to be hosted by the Hamburg Fairgrounds Casino and Event Center (in conjunction with first-time promoter Juan Santiago's Don Juan Promotions).

We will provide updates/results throughout the night.

First bout: Rochester's Jamell Tyson wins via majority decision over Bryan Abraham in a close one in which one judge had it scored even. Other two had it, 39-37. Tyson took some shots and fought back well when he looked stunned to even his record at 1-1-1.

Second bout: It's Amanda Serrano vs. Ela Nunez of Jamestown. Third time these two ladies have done battle in the ring with unbeaten Serrano winning the last meeting after the two battled to a draw in their previous encounter.

First round: Serrano looks pretty good and in shape, working the body and avoiding the round-house bombs from Nunez.

Second round: A little better show from Nunez.

Third round: I'll say this for Nunez, she isn't afraid to get hit to try to deliver a shot. Still, Serrano looks just a little sharper and you figure she knows what to expect from Nunez.

Fourth round: They're brawling but looked like Serrano may have stunned Nunez and starts to take a little control although Nunez does good job battling on the ropes although she's still trapped. Holds on the foe and both fall to the mat to break it up. Still, Serrano goes back to pounding her along the ropes and ref steps in to stop it. Serrano improves to 9-0-1 with the TKO triumph at 1:30 of the fourth round.

Nunez falls to 9-9-1. Has cut below left eye as it's first time she's ever lost via stoppage.

 Third bout: Jordan Gaines of Buffalo makes pro debut against John Dippolito of Philadelphia. Four rounds, lightweights.

First round: Gaines looked pretty good in the feel-out round, as he nailed Dippolito with left jab early and Dippolito looked a little tentative rest of round. Gaines looked like he was waiting for foe to make first move and counter. Gaines did nail him with bunch of combos to body late in round after right to head.

Second round: Little more fight out of Dippolito but he got nailed in head by Gaines, lost mouth guard and I'm not sure if ref has seen it yet. Gaines nailed him few more times but didn't finish him off. Lull in action and ref calls time to give Dippolito mouthpiece back. Left-right combo to head by Gaines later in the round but then backs off slightly (first-time nerves I'm guessing instead of pouncing on Dippolito). End of round.

 Third round: Gaines nails him with right-left combos to head but Dippolito gets out of trouble after slow start to the round. Toward end of round, Gaines right-left combo to head creates slight opening to pound body but Dippolito gets a hold to get ref to break up action. Final 10 seconds, in corner right near press row (me), Gaines pounds him but bell goes to save the kid.

Fourth round: Left-right combo to body and head leads to Gaines nailing Dippolito with flurry of punhes, but Dippolito hangs on in early going of round. Gaines pretty much controls this round, much like the fight. I'm guessing it'll be a unanimous decision in Gaines' favor.

I'm a soothsayer. Gaines, 40-36 on all three cards.

Time for a short intermission.

Fans applaud and cheer when ring announced informed masses Sabres were up 3-0 after one period in Philly.

Intermission is over.

Fourth bout: Heavyweights. Buffalo's Excell Holmes (1-0-1) vs. Montreal's Taffo Asongwed, who is 0-6-6 but did earn draw with Niagara Falls' Johnnie Davis in his last WNY appearance.

First round: Excell tall and lean looking. Would like to think he'd beat foe who's never won in 12 fights but six draws suggests he can take a punch. Feeling out round with Holmes absorbing some body shots. Holmes, who has been known to be a head hunter needs to work the body on his slow-moving foe who is made to be hit. Needs to use jab and reach advantage to keep Asongwed from getting inside.

Second round: Holmes looks like he has hurt him early, nailing him with some combos that draw reaction from crowd. But Asongwed may have won round as he had a better finish to it. Ducked jabs to head, one of the perks of being short, to get inside.

Third round: Holmes may be on way to first career loss. While he looks in shape, he's fighting like he's not in boxing shape and doing lots of holding. Could be that he bit off more than he can chew for his third career fight, even if the foe he's fighting has never won in 12 previous bouts.

 Fourth round: Holmes good start to round and won the round but is it enough to not lose the fight. May have needed a TKO or so to secure victory. He had foe trapped along ropes but he let him off the hook.

 The decision is: by unanimous decision, Excell Holmes. Getting a hometown-decision look from one media member in press row.

Fifth fight: Light welterweights. Nick Casal's long awaited return as he faces Martin Tucker of Toledo, Ohio. Tucker 7-8 in career but only has been KO'd once when he retired in a bout. Casal 20-4-1 with 15 KOs.

First of six rounds:Casal looks good at start, going right for body with flurry of combinations along the ropes. Still, may need to sort of relax. Kind of looks like he wants an early KO against foe with reputation for being able to take a punch. Still, Casal stunned him with right hook and traps him along ropes and pounds him until Tucker gets a hold and gets desperation break. Nails himwith right and dude looked out on feet but Casal nailed him going down with a left near ropes. oh, so close to kid falling out of ring. Then bell rings shortly after he got back.

 Second round: Casal clearly the aggressor. Traps Tucker along ropes early and a hold by Tucker leads to escape. Still Casal doinggood job of cutting off escape lanes has him trapped on ropes and using him for punching bag, hurts him with two nasty upper cuts but tucker to his credit trying to swing his way out of the predicatment. Ends up getting a hold/break from ref to escape. Tucker hits Casal with couple lefts when Casal tried to get inside late in round to keep him at bay but doesn't look like those shots hurt him at all.

Third round: Little slower round but Casal nails him with left and gets eight count. Casal nailed him again before ref stepped in. Then Casal traps him along ropes, pummels him and that's it. Casal wins via TKO at 1:45 of round.

Lionell Thompson vs. Angel Gonzalez.

Been writing during most of this bout but I noticed Gonzalez is a bleeder by the fact got some blood spattered across lap tops, notebooks, new Droid, along press row.

Thompson wins via TKO with 31 seconds left in fifth round.


Sanchez vs. Ramirez for WBC youth lightweight title

First round: Feeling out round although Sanchez got in a couple shots before bell.

Second round: Slow start but Sanchez gets a reaction from crowd when he nailed Ramirez with left and a couple other shots. Later in round, Ramirez nailed with left, right combo and goes down. Fans liked that. Sanchez traps him along ropes but Ramirez holds and the final seconds tick down.

Third round: Sanchez nails him with straight left to start, kind of a hello. Hits him few more times but kind of a ho hum round.

Fourth round: Slow moving round. Ramirez switched up to go left toward end. Strategic ploy or maybe he's tired of getting hit with Sanchez's left hand. Ramirez had left himself open to getting hit by the southpaw thus far. Still, Sanchez did prepare for a lefty briefly after original main event foe Carlos Claudio pulled out. That potential foe gave way to Ramirez after taking a fight on ESPN.

Fifth round: Some life out of Ramirez as he backed Sanchez into corner briefly but Sanchez got the hold to get out of trouble. Ramirez trapped Sanchez along ropes but Sanchez nailed him a couple of times anyway, including right cross to dome. Finally did enough holding to get out of dodge.

Sixth round: Lots of holding by both fighters. Fatigue setting. late in round, Sanchez unleashes flurry of punches.

 Seventh round: Sanchez lands couple shots within first minute and has Ramirez trapped along ropes. Sanchez needs to pounce and go to body and stop head hunting. Ramirez begging to be hit in ribs or something. Ramirez holds to get out of trouble. Sanchez nails him with staight left but can he capitalize. Ramirez holds to get brief reprieve. Sanchez traos him along ropes and goes with flurry mostly toward had but Ramirez hangs in there and gets out of round.

Eighth round: Sanchez a little hesitant after nailing Ramirez near ropes. Ramirez making push with some charges but Sanhez repelling them with some punches and holds. Sanchez briefly trapped on ropes but punches way out of potential trouble. Sanchez ducked round house right in closing seconds and this is going to the cards.

I'm guessing judges will rule in favor or Sanchez.

Sanchez wins via unanimous decision. He is WBC Youth lightweight champ.

Time to run and do post-fight interviews, etc.

---Miguel Rodriguez

Running notebook: A look back and ahead

I visited one race and ran in another last weekend. I think it's fair to say the conditions were the major topic of conversation.

The Feel the Spirit race was held in Cheektowaga on Saturday. It began at 11 a.m. I got there from a Bandits practice in the middle of the race, so I watched the finish from the safety of the inside of Infant of Prague Church (resisting the temptation to go bowling there). Runners were a little wet, but they said it would have been worse had the race started earlier in the day.

There was no rain at the Stomp Out Stigma run at Niagara University on Sunday. Just wind. And more wind. Amazing. The start of the race went directly into the breeze, and most people felt like they were running in place. At least my time wasn't too bad by my standards under the circumstances, and I really liked the purple (of course) pint glass as a premium.

Finally on Monday, I gathered with some members of the Lancaster Striders to watch the Boston Marathon in Lancaster. We were as impressed with the times as everyone else, and the races were good too. My thanks to Jeff at for helping me fill out the local runners' list from Boston that was posted in our paper and on this website.

There's only one event on this weekend's calendar.

* Bunny Hop, 5K, 1 Legion Drive in East Aurora, 10:30 a.m. Saturday, 572-1777. This race has gotten to be the in place to be the day before Easter. There's always plenty of food and drink, the chocolate bunny prizes go over well, and the price is a bargain. About the only catch is that this is one of the hilliest races of the year, as least of those that are close to Buffalo.

--- Budd Bailey

Post Time: Last Chance to Dance in Coolmore Lexington

By Gene Kershner

The more than likely last stop on the Kentucky Derby prep trail ends on Saturday in the Grade
2 $200,000 Coolmore Lexington Stakes at Keeneland Race Course.  Silver Medallion is the only
colt that can benefit from the first place earnings of $120,000 to jump into the starting gate
in the first Saturday in May. With the defection earlier this week of the Bob Baffert-trained
Jaycito, the field has been reduced to six.

Silver Medallion sitting on the outside looking in with $184,334 of graded earnings, cannot
afford to lose if he wants to make his next start on the first Saturday in May. The current
cut-off amount to garner one of the coveted starting gates is $242,397, currently held by
Santiva. A second placing would secure earnings of $40,000, but will fall just short of the
mark and would require two defections to get in.

Let's take a look at the contenders running one and 1/16 miles on the polytrack at beautiful
Keeneland Race Course (trainer, jockey, morning line odds in parenthesis):

1 - Derby Kitten (Maker, Leparoux, 4-1)  Last weekend's Blue Grass top seven finishers came
out of Gulfstream Park turf races. Derby Kitten finished ahead of the Blue Grass winner last
October at Belmont and was a strong second to the Blue Grass show horse who broke his maiden
at Aqueduct. Mike Maker wins 29 percent of the time with the turf to synthetic angle and
Julien Leparoux is having a solid meeting. While this Kitten won't exactly be heading to the
Derby, he could factor in on who does.

2 - Silver Medallion (Asmussen, Castellano, 8-5) The morning line favorite will be bet hard at
the windows and will most likely be even money by post time. His only synthetic win was
beating Comma to the Top in the Grade 3 El Camino Real, but that was on Golden Gate's Tapeta
surface, a much different one than the poly at Keeneland. His lone Keeneland start last fall
turned into a rough trip after being bumped at the start and finished a distant seventh. There
is a lot of pressure on him to win in here and with little betting value and a short field,
we'll try and beat him.

3 - Prime Cut (Howard, Prado, 7-2) Fair Grounds shipper comes in off an impressive victory
over the highly regarded Bind. He tries the polytrack for the first time and it's difficult
what to make of his only breeze over the surface on April 12. We don't like playing first time
poly in a graded stakes race so we'll look elsewhere.

4 - Hurricane Lake (Bonde, Borel, 6-1) Ships in for trainer Jeff Bonde from Golden Gate where
he's won two of four races in 2011. Calvin Borel has his first mount of the meet for a trainer
whose winning graded stakes at a 29 percent clip this year.  I'm not sure he's ready for this
jump in class, but it's only a six horse field, and we've seen crazier winners on the Derby

5 - Taptowne (Mogge, Lanerie, 15-1) The field's long shot was beaten badly last out in the
Grade 3 Vinery Spiral Stakes. Shippers from Turfway fare well at Keeneland, but this one seems
overmatched. 6 - Casper's Touch (McPeek, Garcia, 3-1) Kenny McPeek has been killing it at
Keeneland winning 10 of his 18 starts at a remarkable 56 percent. When paired with jockey Alan
Garcia, this tandem wins at 42 percent and is in the money 62 percent of the time. He comes
off a strong performance at seven panels on the Keeneland polytrack after being rank and
having a rough trip in the Grade 2 Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream. The pick.

Post Time Selections:

1 - Casper's Touch 2 - Silver Medallion 3 - Derby Kitten 4 - Prime Cut

Good luck and let's go cash some tickets!

Gene Kershner is a Buffalo-based turf writer, handicapper and member of the Thoroughbred
Bloggers Alliance who blogs at and tweets @EquiSpace.

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Next stop, next round

     April 22, 1975 -- It's funny how a little success can change perspective.

     The Sabres wrapped up a playoff series win on this date, beating the Chicago Black Hawks (as they were known then) in Game Five of their quarterfinal series, 3-1. That gave Buffalo the series, four games to one.

      It was quite a moment for the fifth-year franchise, because it marked the first time the team had ever won a playoff series. But, the Sabres were coming off a great regular season, and no one, even in Illinois, expected the Sabres to do anything but win that series. Ho, hum, let's move along.

     Buffalo got the deciding win in good fashion. Buffalo spotted the Black Hawks and early goal by Pit Martin, and then dominated the game the rest of the way. Craig Ramsay, Rene Robert and Jim Lorentz had the goals for the Sabres. The fans in Memorial Auditorium roared as the team shook hands when it was all over.

     As it turned out, plenty of fun was ahead in the next round. The Sabres went up against the Montreal Canadiens in a memorable matchup.

--- Budd Bailey

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: New signal-caller

     April 21, 2002 -- The Buffalo Bills made a bold move on this day to pick up a starting quarterback. What's more, they did it within their own division.

     The Bills made a deal with the New England Patriots to acquire Drew Bledsoe, giving up a first-round draft choice in 2003 in return. It might have been the biggest trade by the Bills since the 1987 acquisition of Cornelius Bennett.

     "This trade is probably as exciting a one as we've ever made, maybe it is the most exciting," Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. said to The News' Mark Gaughan.

     The Bills had had problems replacing Jim Kelly as the starting quarterback from 1997 to 2001, and Bledsoe's acquisition was an attempt to fix that problem. He had taken New England to the playoffs in four of his first eight years.

     However, he made the mistake of getting hurt in 2001, and lost his job to Tom Brady. New England thought Brady was its quarterback of the present and future, so it made Bledsoe available.

     As we know now, Bledsoe started well for the Bills but his rate of success soon stumbled. He was eventually released, hooking on with Dallas but never returning to his New England form. As for Brady, well, let's say the Patriots made the right decision.

--- Budd Bailey

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: A Sabre sweep

     April 20, 1980 -- The Buffalo Sabres had just beaten the Chicago Black Hawks (later to be called the Blackhawks) in Game Two of their series in Memorial Auditorium. Chicago coach Eddie Johnson came out after the game and told the media, essentially, not to worry -- his team was headed home and things would be better there.

     As it turned out, Johnston and the Blackhawks never made it back to Buffalo.

     On this day, the Sabres finished off the Blackhawks, 3-2, completing a four-game sweep of the quarterfinal series. Buffalo spotted Chicago the first two goals. Then the Sabres rallied on goals by John Van Boxmeer, Rick Martin and Gil Perreault. The Blackhawks lost despite having a 48-34 edge in shots.

     As it turned out, this was Johnston's last game as Chicago coach, as he was fired in the offseason. Meanwhile, the Sabres were dreaming big dreams at this point. Buffalo had gone 7-1 in the playoffs through that point under first-year coach Scotty Bowman. The Sabres had advanced to the semifinals for the first time since 1975.

     Did Bowman pack more playoff magic with him when he came from Montreal? The New York Islanders would have something to say about that.

--- Budd Bailey

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: A marathon performance

     April 19, 1907 -- This was the greatest day in the running history of a future Buffalo resident.

     Tom Longboat grew up up the road in Six Nations Reserve, Canada, near Brantford. He had won the Around the Bay race in Hamilton, Ontario, and opted to run in the Boston Marathon. It's fair to say he was a complete unknown in terms of the prerace favorites.

     Longboat caught a small break when he was in the lead pack early in the race when a train came along. Most of the field had to wait until the track was cleared before continuing. Longboat went on to win the race in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 24 seconds.

     Here's how the Boston Globe described the finish: "Amid the wildest din heard in years, Longboat shot across the line, breaking the tape as the timers stopped their watches, simultaneously with the clicking of a dozen cameras, winner of the greatest of all modern Marathon runs. Arms were stretched out to grasp the winner, but he needed no assistance."

     Longboat became world-famous for his running and competed in the Olympics. After he was done running, Longboat moved to Buffalo in the late 1920's and worked in a steel mill. He still has relatives in Western New York. Longboat is considered one of the greatest athletes in Canadian history.

   To read a story I wrote about Longboat in 2007, click here.

--- Budd Bailey

Local Boston Marathon finishers

It's not easy to come up with the list of local participants in the annual Boston race. Here's what we have after searching for towns in the database at If we missed a local runner of interest, let us know at

Dean Goodison, East Aurora - 2:56:26

Victoria Rodriguez, Buffalo - 2:58:17

Brian McElroy, Buffalo - 2:59:35

Jeffrey Sabatino, Amherst - 3:02:06

Daniel Brooks, Fredonia - 3:02:38

Brian Serwicki, Orchard Park - 3:03:08

Chris Occhino, Buffalo - 3:03:52

Matthew McGuire, Niagara Falls - 3:08:46

Sean Brennan, North Tonawanda - 3:08:55

Matthew Sikora, Lackawanna - 3:13:20

John Ende, Kenmore - 3:18:45

Brian Schmitt, Clarence Center - 3:21:28

Charles Hahn II, East Amherst - 3:22:32

Laina Bay-Cheng, Buffalo - 3:24:16

Jonathan Lacey, Williamsville - 3:25:29

Jack Genovese, Tonawanda - 3:26:07

David Robinson, West Falls - 3:28:34

Tracy Kelly, Silver Creek - 3:28:46

David Gallant, Eden - 3:29:27

Matthew Kavanaugh, Orchard Park - 3:30:34

Amanda Skorupski, Tonawanda - 3:33:31

Eden Payabyab, Buffalo - 3:33:56

Mark Valites, Hamburg - 3:34:39

Lany Webster, Clarence - 3:39:35

Heather Patterson, Clarence - 3:39:45

John Mangione, East Amherst - 3:44:50

Thomas Habdo, Amherst - 3:44:58

Christine Gaspar, Cheektowaga - 3:45:49

Theresa Palmieri, Buffalo - 3:46:39

Pat Occhino, Buffalo - 3:46:45

Gregory Scarpace, Grand Island - 3:47:05

Peter Gorlewski, West Seneca - 3:48:11

Mark Gunther, East Aurora - 3:52:59

Marcia Gray-Wilkerson, Lakeview - 3:53:27

Michael Bobseine, Fredonia - 3:57:02

Samuel Neal, Holland - 3:58:59

Bob Honan, Buffalo - 3:59:14

Rachel McArdle, Niagara Falls - 3:59:26

Gene McDonough, Orchard Park - 4:03:02

Kathleen Reynolds, Amherst - 4:04:01

Jordan Thomas, Buffalo - 4:05:43

Sal Lamastra, Eden - 4:07:54

Wendy MacEvoy, Lewiston - 4:08:19

Robert Dimmig, Lancaster - 4:10:58

Brian Foster, East Amherst - 4:15:24

Belinda Stoll, Lockport - 4:16:43

Gina LaPlante, Buffalo - 4:24:53

Joan Thomas, Orchard Park - 4:29:16

Paula Stuhler, Amherst - 4:41:08

Charles Sabatino, Amherst - 4:43:41

Eva Basehart, Amherst - 4:55:12

 --- Budd Bailey

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