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Running notebook: Back from Singapore

I thought I should turn this over to Liz Randell, who is back from Singapore as part of the team that took part in the overall Corporate Challenge championship. Sounds like a nice time...

The entire event, from Wednesday morning's welcome breakfast to Thursday night's post race party was incredibly well-organized and awe-inspiring! We were treated like elite runners, with special buses, a premier hotel, and great food. It was really exciting to meet runners from other countries.

After the race, several of us exchanged singlets - I got one from a runner rom Johannesburg! It felt kind of like being at a mini-Olympics. Singapore is a beautiful city, full of things to do and amazing foods to eat.

The weather for the race was super hot and humid. It definitely took it's toll on all of us, but I think we all ran really well considering how far we had to go to do it (!) and the climate change. People were dropping like flies at the finish line. The course was nice - right along the waterfront and past the floating soccer field. The water they handed out was mostly ice, which was a relief, and they had two water stations. After the race, they had a banquet for us with non-stop amazing food. The race organizers told us they are adding Bejing to the list of race cities - that's going to be one to race for!

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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