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Releasing snowboard bindings proposed

     The Chris Zider Snowboarding Binding Design Challenge put up $20,000 in prize money to encourage people to design a snowboard binding that would release, freeing someone who has fallen into deep snow. It has announced the four finalists.
     "We're trying to save some lives, and hoping snowboarding companies and manufacturers will pick up on these ideas and help the inventors commercialize them," Bob Zider, whose son, Chris, fell into a tree well and suffocated, said in a press release. "We need input from engineers and boarders. The key criteria are technically solid design, and a device young, deep-powder boarders would buy (at less than $100)."
     The finalists propose bindings that would release when the boarder is upside down for 30 or 60 seconds, would be separated from the board by a small explosive device triggered remotely by the boarder, or would be release by a foot lever similar to those found on skis.
     You can check out and vote on the bindings at the challenge's facebook page.

-- Fletcher Doyle



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