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Bandits notebook: Draft surprise

Wonder if many saw this coming -- two players from Canisius going in the first round of the National Lacrosse League draft on Wednesday.

Adam Jones went third to Colorado. The Mammoth also grabbed Dan Coates with the eighth pick. Randy Mearns, the coach at Canisius and the Bandits' radio commentator, must be doing something right. Jones was an All-American for the Golden Griffins, while Coates was an excellent defender.

If you are into upstate bragging rights, Canisius had two players taken in the first round, while Syracuse only had one.

But a member of the Orange went with the first pick in the second round, and the Buffalo Bandits grabbed him. Jeremy Thompson won two high school state championships at LaFayette, and he's been a part of Junior A in Canada with Six Nations.

With their second pick, also in the second round, the Bandits took Jeff Cornwall of Conquitlam, British Columbia. He is said to be a tough, physical defender.

Other Buffalo picks, which include Thompson's brother, Jerome:

Third Round: 24. Buffalo - Connor Daly - Burlington, ON; 25. Buffalo - Jerome Thompson - Onondaga C.C.  Fourth Round: 33. Buffalo - Billy Bitter - University of North Carolina. Fifth Round: 41. Buffalo - Dwight Bero - Dartmouth University. Sixth round: 51. Buffalo - Lloyd Chrysler - Tuscarora University.

By the way, the Bandits gave up a fifth-rounder next year for Calgary's sixth-round choice in order to take Chrysler.

There was some speculation that the Bandits would try to move up in the draft in order to take Johnny Powless of Six Nations, Ontario. Powless is considered to be a major talent, but supposedly wasn't likely to play in the West. Rochester ended up making that very move, giving up Shawn Evans and a first-round choice next year for Powless.

--- Budd Bailey


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