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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Gary Marangi

(Born July 29, 1952) -- Pro football teams go through all sorts of backup quarterbacks over the years. Sometimes they are very popular, particularly when the starter is having trouble. Sometimes they are close to anonymous and merely a clipboard carrier.

Gary Marangi filled that role with the Buffalo Bills. He played for Boston College before turning pro. He completed better than 50 percent of his passes for the Eagles from 1971 to 1973. B.C. went 20-13 during his time there, but Marangi never participated in a bowl game.

His play was good enough to get him drafted by the Bills in the third round. He landed as the backup to Joe Ferguson, who was only a year into his career in 1974. Marangi only threw 18 passes in three games that season as Ferguson led the Bills to the playoffs.

It was more of the same in 1975, as Marangi saw limited action again for a good Bills’ team. Buffalo fell apart in 1976, and an injury to Ferguson was part of the problem. Marangi was forced into duty for seven starts, and the Bills lost every one of them. And that was it for his career.

Marangi at last report worked for a high school on Long Island. He supposedly does a little coaching for the football team as well.

--- Budd Bailey


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