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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Mark Kelso

(Born July 23, 1963)Buffalo’s football fans always have had a soft spot in their hearts for Mark Kelso. No wonder he’s found a home in this area.

Kelso played college football at William and Mary, which has never been known as a football factory. Still, he was good enough to catch the Bills’ attention. Buffalo took him in the 10th round in 1985.

Slowly but surely, he worked his way into the starting lineup. Kelso was never the best athlete on the team, but he was smart and often seemed to be in the right place in the right time. Besides, he wore extra padding on his helmet that made him stand out on the field a bit ... and earned him the nickname "Magoo."

Kelso made 30 interceptions during his time with the Bills. Fans can still hear ESPN’s Chris Berman describe Kelso’s returns in horse-racing style, saying, "And here comes Kelso up on the outside!" He helped Buffalo reach four straight Super Bowls.

After retirement, Kelso moved into teaching and coaching. He also moved smoothly into broadcasting, working the Bills’ games for the past several years.

--- Budd Bailey



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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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