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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Dick Jauron

(Born October 7, 1950) -- Dick Jauron never revealed much about himself to Buffalo Bills’ fans during his tenure as the head coach. That’s too bad, for his story was an interesting one.

The Illinois-born Jauron moved to suburban Boston at a young age, and was a standout athlete there. The Boston Globe called him one of the 10 greatest high school football players in Massachusetts history. From there it was on to Yale, where he ran for almost 3,000 yards in three seasons.

Jauron went to the Lions in the fourth round of the 1973 NFL draft, and he found a home as a defensive back. Jauron made the Pro Bowl in only his second season, and played through 1980.

His coaching career started with the Bills in 1985, and he worked his way up the ladder through the Bears and Lions from there. Jauron got his chance to be a head coach when the Bills hired him in Jan. 2006. After three straight 7-9 seasons, Jauron got off to a 3-6 start in 2009 when Buffalo decided to make a move. He was fired, and Perry Fewell was named the interim coach.

Then after a year in Philadelphia as an assistant, Jauron was named the defensive coordinator of the Browns in 2011.

--- Budd Bailey


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