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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Miroslav Satan

(Born October 22, 1974) -- Miroslav Satan was always good at scoring goals in the game of hockey. As he discovered, this is a marketable skill. Satan took that talent and had a long career that included 1,000 NHL games.

When he was 17, the winger scored 30 goals in 31 games in his native Czechoslovakia (later Slovakia). Satan was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers, and reached the NHL in 1995.

Late in the 1996-97 season, Sabres’ general manager John Muckler sent Craig Millar and Barrie Moore to Edmonton for Satan. It was one of the most underrated deals in Sabre history. Satan scored 22 goals in 1997-98, and hit 40 the following season. He played seven full seasons in Buffalo and had at least 25 goals six times.

The Sabres didn’t offer him a contract in 2005, and Satan signed with the Islanders as a free agent. He had 35 goals for New York in his first season there. From there it was on to Pittsburgh.

In 2009-10, Satan was a part-time player for the Boston Bruins. He haunted his old team by scoring a game-winning goal to beat the Sabres in their first-round series. Satan was still playing in Slovakia last season.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

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