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More thoughts from Stan Van

Van Gundy addresses reporters Tuesday at Canisius (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News).

Stan Van Gundy has not met a microphone he didn't like, as a coach in college and the NBA, and now as an analyst for NBC. Be sure to read my story in Wednesday's editions that mostly features his thoughts on NBA commissioner David Stern.

But Van Gundy had plenty more to say Tuesday during his press conference at Canisius College, where he was an assistant way back in the 1986-87 season.

Some of his other key points:

* On the Lakers' firing of Mike Brown: "I was appalled by it on a couple of different levels. I have great respect for Mike. I think he's an outstanding coach. ... To pull the plug that quickly on a guy like that, I thought was unwarranted and unfair. From a basketball standpoint if the Lakers were not committed to Mike Brown going forward, which clearly they weren't. ... then you should have made that change in the offseason.

The troubles of the Lakers: “They’re really struggling, a team out of synch and 8-9 with 12 of their 17 games at home (they then fell to 8-10 with a loss Tuesday at Houston). Steve Nash has been hurt and they’ve played with three different head coaches already [Mike Brown, Bernie Bickerstaff, Mike D’Antoni] with three distinctively different systems. It’s a recipe for failure.

"They've got time but the'yre going to have to on the fly adjust, make changes and come together and get better and try to keep all those older guys healthy. It's just not going to be that easy.

On Orlando rookie Andrew Nicholson, the former St. Bonaventure star: The thing I’ve been impressed with him is he’s like an old-school guy. A lot of guys are making it with their athleticism. ... He plays like an older guy. He’s got really good moves down low and around the basket.”

On Miami’s chances of a repeat: “I think they’re better than they were a year ago. ... I have a hard time envisioning anyone beating them four times in a series.”

Of course, Van Gundy also said the Heat are not as good defensively as they should be and that proved to be a prescient comment as they suffered a 105-101 loss to the lowly Wizards later Tuesday night.

*On first coaching against his brother, Jeff, in a 2003 Miami-Houston game: "We're lining up for the anthem, I'm looking down there and seeing him and thinking 'What the hell? How did we get here?' It was an amazing moment and then that lasted about two minutes. We were 0-6 going into the game,  and 2 1/2 hours later we were 0-7 and I was more worried about that."

---Mike Harrington
Twitter: @BNHarrington 

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