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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Don Beebe

(Born December 18, 1964) -- The Buffalo Bills have had plenty of fast players over the years. Don Beebe probably was as fast as any of them.

Beebe is one of the great examples about how someone can come out of the smallest of college football programs and still make the NFL. He went to high school in Maple Park, Ill., and landed a scholarship to Chadron State, which is in the northwest corner of Nebraska.

Beebe was the talk of the predraft in 1989, since none of the scouts knew much about him. The Bills took a chance on the wide receiver’s talents, making him a third-round draft pick.

Beebe played for nine years, and he played in six Super Bowls (four with the Bills) along the way. Beebe is best remembered chasing down Leon Lett of Dallas to cause a fumble in a blowout loss to the Cowboys. He finished with 219 career receptions.

In 1999, Beebe created a company that works with athletes in an effort to make them faster. In addition, he has been coaching high school football in Illinois since 2004.

-- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

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