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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Larry Carriere

(Born January 30, 1952) -- The Buffalo Sabres needed defense in the summer of 1972 if they wanted to improve on the ice. Larry Carriere turned out to be part of the solution.

Carriere had played in Quebec junior hockey for a while, and then moved on to play and study at Loyola University in Montreal. It was an unusual move at the time, but Carriere did catch the attention of the Sabres there. They made him a second-round draft choice.

Carriere and Jim Schoenfeld, the team’s top draft choice, surprised a few people by making the NHL roster right away. Helped by the guidance of Tim Horton, both players provided a boost to the Sabres as they made the playoffs for the first time. He stayed through 1975 and helped Buffalo reach the Stanley Cup finals.

Carriere was traded to the Flames in 1975 in a deal involving Jacques Richard, one of the bigger disappointments in Buffalo hockey history. Carriere finished his career in a Toronto uniform in 1980, as Punch Imlach talked him out of retirement into a brief comeback.

Carriere joined the Sabres as a scout, and worked his way up the front office ladder there over the years. After leaving Buffalo, Carriere landed with the Montreal Canadiens’ organization.

--- Budd Bailey


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Budd Bailey

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