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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Randy Burridge

(Born on January 7, 1966) -- When Randy Burridge came to Buffalo in a Bruins uniform to play hockey, many Sabre fans quietly hoped that Burridge sometime would wind up as a member of their favorite team. It took a while, but they got their wish.

Burridge was born right across the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie and played Junior B hockey there before working his way to the Ontario Hockey League for junior play. He was drafted 157th by Boston in the 1985 Entry Draft.

The Bruins brought him up in 1985-86, and he was a good fit on the Boston teams of that era - hard-working and tough. He had 27 goals in his first full season of 1987-88, and 31 a year later. Whenever Burridge played in Buffalo, his family reportedly had a sign waiting to greet him.

The right winger was traded to Washington and then went to Los Angeles. In 1995-96, Burridge arrived in Buffalo, a great fit for a team that needed some experience in the midst of a rebuilding project. Burridge had 25 goals that year, and then helped Buffalo win a division a year later.

Injuries caught up with him, and he was out of pro hockey by 1999. At last report, he was coaching youth hockey in - of all places - Las Vegas.

--- Budd Bailey


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