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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Roland Hooks

(Born on January 2, 1953) -- For someone who only started 10 games in seven years as a member of the Buffalo Bills, Roland Hooks turned out to be memorable. He took advantage of the opportunities he had.

Hooks was born in Brooklyn and played his college football at North Carolina State. Expectations were pretty low for him coming out of school, since he was only a 10th round pick of the Bills in 1975.

It took the halfback a while, but he beat the odds and landed on the Bills’ roster in 1976. Then he had to earn some playing time. In 1979, Hooks carried the ball four times in a half against the Cincinnati Bengals ... and scored four touchdowns. Hard to top that.

Yet that probably wasn’t his best moment. The Bills were trailing the Patriots at home in 1981 with seconds left. Joe Ferguson hit Hooks with a long pass to set up a shot at a “Hail Mary” play from the 36-yard line. That same combination clicked on the sequel, giving the Bills one of the great wins in their history.

Hooks played for the Bills in 1982, but only had five carries in six games during the strike-shortened season. The halfback was through with football at the end of that season.

--- Budd Bailey


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