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This Birthday in Buffalo Sports History: Fred Jackson

(Born on February 20, 1981) -- Coe College has made two memorable contributions to the Buffalo Bills over the years. That’s an amazing number for such a tiny school.

Fred Jackson is the current head of the Coe alumni association on the Bills’ roster. He was considered too small to start on his high school team in Arlington, Texas. Jackson’s junior high coach figured out a way to have Jackson get a look at Coe, known in football circles as the alma mater of former Bills’ coach Marv Levy.

Jackson was a standout in college, making five All-American teams while playing Division III football in 2002. He scored 29 touchdowns that year. Still he went undrafted. So, it was on to indoor football and NFL Europa.

Levy invited Jackson to training camp in 2006, and he got into the lineup in 2007. By 2009 Jackson was a standout, gaining more than 1,000 yards rushing. In 2011, an outstanding season was spoiled by a broken leg, but he still rushed for 934 yards in 10 games.

Jackson returned to health in 2012 for the most part, and he and C.J. Spiller teamed up to do most of the Bills’ rushing last season. Buffalo didn’t have a great many offensive weapons last season, and it was odd that two of their best played the same position.

--- Budd Bailey


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