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Lacrosse Notebook: An unusual final

Considering the parity in the National Lacrosse League this season, we all expected an unusual playoff run. But the championship game ought to be memorable if only for its location.

The Washington Stealth will host the Rochester Knighthawks on Saturday night. But the game won't be played in the Stealth's usual arena. It's booked for the weekend. It won't even be played in the United States. The Stealth opted to move its game to Langley, British Columbia, where some NLL exhibition games will be played. I believe the building holds about 5,500, and it will be interesting to see how many fans make the drive up.

Plan B was moving the game back to Rochester. About six years ago, Rochester's arena was booked for the night of the final, and the Knighthawks couldn't find a location in upstate New York. So it was off to Phoenix. This time, the NLL Board of Governors accepted Langley as a suitable location.

I like the way Rochester is playing defense right now, so I'd have to lean toward the Knighthawks. If you remember, Rochester and Washington opened the season against each other out West, and now they get to close the show.

Elsewhere, some of you may know that I have a Bandits' history web site. When I first started covering the team, I realized I didn't know anything about the history of the franchise ... and there was no place to find the information. Therefore, I wrote it myself.

Updating it each year is something of a fun assignment, in part because I have the chance to include a few videos. Makes the story-telling part a little different. Feel free to visit it at:

And tell your lacrosse-loving friends.

--- Budd Bailey


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