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IJM: A How-Not-To

By Bob DiCesare

Standards are usually upheld on the golf course, particularly in tournaments such as the International Junior Masters. A prime example came Wednesday morning, when leader Camilo Aguado turned himself in and sustained a four-stroke penalty for finding an extra club in his bag that wasn't even his.

Unfortunately in Thursday's Sweet Sixteen we saw the other extreme. Ryan Borg of Caledon, Ont., needed to drain about an 8-foot putt on the 19th hole to prolong his match with Pablo Torres of Colombia. Borg knew he had missed the putt as soon as it left the blade. It hadn't even rolled even with the hole when he walloped the ball into a bunker, screamed and threw his hat. Then he looked away while offering a congratulatory handshake to Torres, who had remained alive by making an 8-footer of his own on 18 (see Mark Mulville photo below),


Borg's a heckuva player. He was probably the longest hitter in the field. He's coached by Sean Foley (who coaches Tiger Woods). He's headed to South Florida on a golf scholarship. One can only hope Thursday's episode was a first and a last. Otherwise, he's got a lot of work to do on things other than his golf.


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Budd Bailey

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