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Running notebook: Stormy weather

It was certainly a memorable night at the Subaru Race last week. It started in broiling weather, and was cooled a bit in mid-race by clouds to the north that blocked the sun. Those same clouds produced violent thunderstorms later in the night. Race director Jim Nowicki was thankful that at least the storm held off until well after the event was over. That sort of storm would have caused many, many problems had it turned up about 7:15 p.m.

By the way, I was in the truck that led the men's leaders around the course. World-class athletes are amazing to watch. The lead pack cranked out 4:40 miles like clockwork for three miles, and then the eventual winner turned it up a notch. By the way, all of the top runners were complaining about their times afterwards. I was tempted to tell them: "It was hot!"

It's a busy Saturday and a barren Sunday on the race schedule. Last Sunday featured four races. You'd think someone might have noticed that and done a little shifting to try to draw a bigger crowd. Here's the lineup, courtest of

* Lake View Field Day 5K Ruyn, Center St. & Lake View Road in Lakeview, 8 a.m. Saturday, 698-4005. It's a tradition - the earliest non-marathon of the year.

* East Aurora Rerun, 5K, Firemen's Field in East Aurora, 9 a.m. Saturday, 652-3732.

* St. Amelia Amazing Race 5K, 210 St. Amelia Dr. in Tonawanda, 9 a.m. Saturday, 834-5741. The organizers were very helpful and nice on a registration issue I had. Their first race is off to a good start.

* Jason Raby Memorial 5K Run, Lewiston-Porter High School in Youngstown, 11 a.m. Saturday, 751-8281. I should ask someday what the Lewiston-Porter school is doing in Youngstown.

* St. John's Bash and Dash 5K, 1085 Englewood Ave. in Tonawanda, 7 p.m. Saturday, 435-5115. And the Ronald McDonald House Run comes up on Wednesday, which is always one of the big races of the summer.

-- Budd Bailey


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