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Bandits notebook: Trying again on the playoffs

It doesn't pay to go on vacation when it comes to the Bandits. While I was away last week, work came out that the National Lacrosse League is changing its playoff format for 2014. had the story on Friday. For those of you who didn't like the idea of one team out of nine missing the playoffs, this is a step forward. Three teams will sit out the postseason under the format, and two of them will be in the East. Minnesota is switching from the West to the East.

In the first round, the 2nd seeds will play the 3rd seeds in each division. The winners play the division champions in a best-of-two format. All right, that's not exactly right. The lower seed hosts one game, and then the upper seed hosts a game a week later. If there's a split, the teams will play a 10-minute minute game to determine who will win the series. It's a little contrived, but it will be dramatic at times.

We'll have two division champions at that point, and we'll go through the same process to determine an overall league champion.

The league doesn't have a collective bargaining agreement yet, and that will be something to watch in the weeks ahead, and this sort of move needs to be part of the CBA. So ... the league hasn't confirmed it. But is really good on this stuff.

Remember, an 18-game regular season is planned for 2014. So a few weeks will be added to the season in order to fit everything in.

--- Budd Bailey


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