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Running notebook: What's next?

There may be a reason why potential spring marathon times from Buffalo runners this year will be a little slower than normal.

It's been a little tough to get a regular routine going this week. Conditions were excellent on Tuesday. Then a blizzard arrived on Wednesday, and cross-training in the form of snow shoveling was on the schedule for Thursday. What's next, locusts?

Elsewhere, I just finished looking at the Runner's Bucket List by Denise Malan. It might be handy for those who like to seek out unusual races elsewhere. You can go to my review here.

It's not exactly a busy week in the world of racing this weekend. Here's the short schedule:

* St. Patrick's Day Dash, 3 miles, 319 West Third St. in Jamestown, 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, 488-2203 x230.

I've had a few people ask what happened to the Bengal Run at Buffalo State this year. I believe organizers announced last year that the race would not be staged in 2014.

Meanwhile, I'll have a look at a new contender for the title of Western New York's toughest race course. It's in the Sunday running column.

--- Budd Bailey

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