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All is quiet regarding Macker

Silence can either be golden or a warning sign. When it comes to the status of this June's Gus Macker basketball tournament in Buffalo, though, one feels like he/she should brace for an alert.

Just two weeks ago, tournament organizers, Buffalo Police Athletic League and Gus Macker, said the sides were close to a deal to hold the annual 3-on-3 tournament that's as much of a WNY tradition as wings. So close that PAL Executive Director Modie Cox said an agreement was being looked over by a PAL lawyer and that once the attorney signed off on it, it would officially be game on.

Either the PAL's lawyer is still examining it, or found something in the deal that wasn't to PAL's liking and did not sign off on it.

Which is it? Nobody's talking, but smart money could be placed betting on the latter.

Cox didn't return messages left for him.

Scott McNeil of Gus Macker said Wednesday he hasn't been told it's been cancelled when asked that question point blank, but did say PAL was trying to come up with different things?

Sounds like the sides did hit a snag if renegotiation has become part of the process, again. It seems to be a bit late in the game to still be figuring out logistics. Yet, it makes no sense for PAL to hold a fundraiser event like the Macker if there's no chance of it making a profit -- with or without assistance of a major sponsor.

Two months from Saturday traditionally would have been the start of the tournament, with a who's who of area talents flaunting their skills much to the delight of the masses in attendance.

Barring a furious late rally, that remains to be seen.

--- Miguel Rodriguez

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Budd Bailey

Budd Bailey

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