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Been down so long it looks like up to me...

   From the Business Today section of The Buffalo News:

- Zemsky sees a brighter future - Samantha Maziarz Christmann/The Buffalo News
   “I couldn’t imagine, frankly, living anywhere I felt wasn’t worthwhile investing in,” said [Howard] Zemsky, Zemsky guest speaker at Tuesday’s Prospectus Premiere in Salvatore’s Italian Gardens. “Why live somewhere with no sense of hope or optimism?”
   The premiere, attended by about 260, was tied to the publication of The News’ 18th annual Prospectus section. The special section, devoted to coverage of the region’s economy, will appear in Sunday’s News.

- Economy trends upward, remains ‘at very low point’ - Ashley M. Heher/AP/The Buffalo News
   Americans are feeling better about the economy; home prices are on the rise; and companies are forecasting a brighter year.
   While no one doubts the economy has a long way to go to come back from the punishing recession, the reports Tuesday were signs of progress for a recovery that has proceeded in fits and starts.
Delta Air Lines said Tuesday demand for business travel is picking up. Johnson & Johnson says more people are buying its Aveeno and Neutrogena skin-care products. Yahoo! says online advertising finally is beginning to snap out of its yearlong slump. [OMG. I just searched for Yahoo! on Google. Lucky the space-time continum didn't implode.]
   Apple recorded its most profitable quarter ever, selling twice as many iPhones from October to December than it did before and a third more Macintosh computers. And Corning says its quarterly profit almost tripled on surging sales of glass for flat-screen televisions and computers.

- Rival to buy operator of print plant in Depew - Matt Glynn/The Buffalo News
   World Color Press, which operates a printing plant in Depew, has agreed to be acquired by rival Quad/Graphics in a blockbuster deal.

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  



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