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The business of America ...

   Considering how much of President Obama's State of the Union Address was about economics, banks and jobs, the front page of today's Buffalo News was pretty much another business section.

- Obama calls for action on agenda - Jerry Zremski/The Buffalo News
   ...Obama bluntly said he "hated" the bailout of Wall Street but supported it to prevent a deeper Sotu meltdown of the economy.
   Said Obama: "I hated it. You hated it. It was about as popular as a root canal." He said the big banks getting the help were the same ones that caused the financial crisis in 2008.
   [Full text]
- Analysis: Humbled Obama checks boxes - Ron Fornier/AP/The Buffalo News
- Obama stresses 'jobs' (29 times) and economy - New York Daily News 
- A Dose of Reality, a Bid to Restore Magic  - Peter Baker/The New York Times
- Obama Bids for Rebound  - The Wall Street Journal
- 'We face a deficit of trust' - The Washington Post

 - Apple iPad takes place among mobile devices - AP/The Buffalo News
   Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive officer, unveiled the company’s much-anticipated iPad tablet Ipad computer Wednesday, calling it a new third category of mobile device that is neither smart phone nor laptop, but something in between.
- Apple Takes Big Gamble on New iPad - The Wall Street Journal
- iPad neat, but I'm waiting for ver. 2.0 - Troy Wolverton/San Jose Mercury News
- IPad less than revolutionary for now, but holds great promise - Michael Hiltzik/The Los Angeles Times
   Only Steve Jobs could make anticlimax seem so fascinating.
   [Drink deeply of the Apple Kool-Aid here.] 

   Some commentators tied the two events together:
- iCountry News - Timothy Egan/The New York Times
   The maestro has spoken. The all-powerful Oz has come and gone. Behold: after a buildup so big it makes the State of the Union speech look like a rebranding of Grape Nuts, Steve Jobs has descended from the mountain with a tablet. The written word is safe — for now — with him.
Apple to the Rescue? - Rich Karlgaard/The Wall Street Journal
   Why President Obama should meditate on the career of Steve Jobs.

   Today's print WSJ had one article on the State of the Union, six on the iPad. Of course, the SOTU was pretty late for a newspaper's deadline, and Jobs had his announcement at 1 p.m. EST. Another better decision?
   In 1930, someone asked baseball slugger Babe Ruth if it was proper that his then-phenominal salary of $80,000 was more than the $75,000 paid the same year to President Herbert Hoover. His reply: "I had a better year."
   Which, of course, brings us back to New Era.

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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