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Trying irony on for size

   In the last few months, Western New York lost the contract to make NBA jerseys but kept New Era Cap.
  Folks in Indiana are still making NFL gear. But, today, the job is a little bitter.
- Indy plant cranking out Saints NFL title shirts - Dana Hunsinger/The Indianopolis Star 
   A mad rush was on Monday to churn out New Orleans Saints Super Bowl champs shirts in an ironic place: Indianapolis.
   But even as employees at the Adidas Group plant on the Eastside mourned their home team's loss, general manager Blake Lundberg couldn't help but smile -- just a bit.
   "From a business standpoint, the Saints' win is tremendous for us," he said. "It will be a very nice long week for us."Amen

 The Super Bowl bin berry, berry good for the newspaper biz, too:
- Picayune printing up more of Super paper - New Orleans Times-Picayune
   Monday's Times-Picayune has already set the record for best-selling newspaper in our 173-year history, and thanks to your love of the Saints we're keeping the presses rolling.

   And, yes, there were a lot of commercials:
- Super Bowl full of ads - AP/Buffalo News
   Think Sunday night’s Super Bowl seemed like it had a lot of ads? You’re right. Commercials took up nearly 48 minutes of the game —the most for any Super Bowl.

   None of them touched this:

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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