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   In the Business Today section of Monday's Buffalo News:

- NYSEG’s rate-hike request opposed - Larry Rulison/Albany Times Union
   Staff members at the State Public Service Commission are arguing that New York State Electric & Gas’ proposed rate increase is too high.   

- Workers may qualify for health tax credit - Jonathan D. Epstein/The Buffalo News Hctc_logo2
   At least 800 workers in the Buffalo Niagara region may be eligible for a federal health coverage tax credit that would lower their monthly insurance premium payments by 80 percent.
   The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is trying to get the word out about the fully refundable credit, which so far has been heavily underused. The tax agency estimates that 22,700 New Yorkers would qualify, but only 900 were enrolled as of last year.

-  HealthNow expands self-insured service - Jonathan D. Epstein/The Buffalo News
   HealthNow New York is expanding its regional third-party administrator in Pennsylvania into a national operation, hoping to tap into the accelerating trend of employers self-insuring their health care costs but needing someone to manage the plans. ...
   Self-insurance refers to the practice by large employers of underwriting their own employee health insurance risks and absorbing any expenses to retain more control over the costs....
   But they outsource the back-office operations and administration of such plans, including enrolling and serving members, processing claims, developing provider networks and reviewing or auditing how services are used, to independent third-party firms. That’s also the business of Amherst-based
Meritain Health, formerly North American Health Plans.

    That's The Best Health Care System in the World again -- so complicated and expensive that managers have to employ other managers to manage it for their employees.

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News



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