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We have reservations, but we want to stay here anyway

   We're all about hotels today:

   In Business Today:
-Termini issues call for urban plan - Brian Meyer/The Buffalo News
   Downtown Buffalo will face more boarded-up buildings unless a sweeping "urban plan" is implemented, a Lafayette local developer warned about 70 people who attended a luncheon forum Wednesday.
   Buffalo and other cities across the state are facing economic development crises that are screaming for radical remedies, said Rocco R. Termini.
   He believes that sales-tax-free zones should be created in downtown districts, tax credits should be expanded to spur new projects, and a maze of government agencies involved in economic development should be consolidated.
   "We have an urban crisis without an urban plan," Termini told those who attended Working for Downtown's Brown Bag Lunch Series in the Central Library.
   [With audio]

   In Opinion
- Hotel needs help - Editorial/The Buffalo News
    If the planned closing of the Hotel Lafayette leads to its decay and demise, that crime will have the fingerprints of the state budget and taxation offices all over it. Those offices have blocked needed parts of the state's rehabilitation tax credit program. That needs fixing, right now.

   In Texas:
- Driskill Grill developers opening 2 Austonian eateries - Austin Business Journal
   The partnership behind The Driskill Hotel restoration and Driskill Grill have planned two restaurants for the downtown Austonian luxury high rise.

   In California:
- Queen Mary is getting a long-overdue makeover - The Los Angeles Times
   The city turned over management to the Delaware North Cos., a New York hospitality and food service company, in September. Company officials say their strategy is to restore the ship to much of its Art Deco splendor while incorporating modern-day amenities.
   That's BUFFALO, New York hospitality and food service company, thank you very much.

   In Nevada:
- La Concha lobby restoration to continue at Neon Museum - The Las Vegas Sun
   The Las Vegas City Council took another step forward today toward the creation of a visitors' center for the city's Neon Museum — and restoring the La Concha Motel lobby that was moved about two years ago to the Neon Boneyard.

   I Googled the words "hotel restoration" this morning, and it instantly returned 2,050,000 hits. Somebody's doing it somewhere.

   Not here, though:

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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