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Beer will flow. Rates will freeze. Scans will link.

   From Business Today:

- Beer will flow at Blue Monk - Denise Jewell Gee/The Buffalo News
   A new "gastropub" with a long list of beers and an emphasis on high-end bar food is nearing completion Bluemonk in the former Merlin's building on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.
   Mike Shatzel [right], co-owner of Cole's on Elmwood Avenue, said Tuesday he hopes to open Blue Monk in time for the Elmwood Festival of the Arts later this month.
   Renovation of the building is "98 percent complete," and the bistro is awaiting its liquor license -- a step he hopes to complete within two weeks.

- NYPA puts freeze on rates until year’s end - David Robinson/The Buffalo News
   The New York Power Authority is extending its rate freeze through the end of this year in a move that will save businesses and municipal utilities more than $7 million.
   Richard M. Kessel, the Power Authority’s president and chief executive officer, said Tuesday the state’s economy is still too weak to try to impose higher electric rates on the companies and municipal utilities that benefit from the agency’s low-cost power.
   “Any increase, in my view, would negatively impact the businesses and customers of the New York Power Authority,” Kessel said during a news conference outside the Niagara Power Project. “The economy is not doing well, and it’s slipping back.”

- Windsong Radiology has joined data link - George Pyle/The Buffalo News
   HEALTHeLINK has added Windsong Radiology Group as a member of the Western New York electronic medical records exchange. It is the first independent radiology practice to join the group, and managers estimate it will make some 300,000 images a year available electronically to participating doctors, clinics and hospitals.
   “Radiology reports are a critical diagnostic tool, and having them available to physicians electronically will help improve the quality of patient care and reduce duplicative testing resulting in less radiation exposure to patients,” Daniel E. Porreca, executive director of HEALTHeLINK, said in a statement Tuesday.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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