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Backwards on TV [on purpose] ...

   In Business Today, a new owner for a TV station that runs old shows. And a panel of experts lament how far behind the U.S. is in exploiting solar energy.

- WNGS-TV bought by local man; to air films - David Robinson/The Buffalo News
   WNGS-TV has a new owner and, in a matter of days, will switch from religious programming to showing movies and vintage TV shows as an affiliate of This TV network.
   The purchase of the long-dormant Springville television station by ITV of Buffalo and two other entities, all controlled by Western New York broadcasting industry veteran Philip A. Arno, was approved earlier this week by the Federal Communications Commission. ...
   The switch to This TV is expected to occur within a day or two, Arno said Wednesday. This TV is a network from MGM and Weigel Broadcasting that features movies from the film libraries of MGM, United Artists, Orion Pictures and others. It also carries classic television shows such as “Mister Ed,” “The Patty Duke Show,” “Sea Hunt” and “The Outer Limits.”

   [Whatever you do, don't start following these links. You won't get any work done for the rest of the day. We will control your monitor.]


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