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It's all about image

   In Business Today, and out front, we have people worried about image - their own and the message that is sent by people who want our votes but spend their money somewhere else.

Cola giant bottles image as the real Coke - David Robinson/The Buffalo News
   Peter Benzino [right] wants to make one thing perfectly clear: The Coca-Cola bottling plant in the Town of Tonawanda is not Tonawanda Coke, the foundry coke manufacturer accused of numerous pollution Cokebottler violations.
   [Tests show coke plant's emissions of benzene far exceed EPA limits - Buffalo News 10/1/10]
   To avoid any confusion, the soft-drink bottler has started a three-week ad campaign on several local radio stations explaining that the two companies are very different.
   "I just want people to understand who we are and who they are," said Benzino, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Buffalo's vice president and general manager.
   Benzino worries that customers reading or hearing stories about Tonawanda Coke's environmental troubles might confuse it with the soft-drink bottler and stop buying Coca-Cola products.

Print your ads here, politicians urged - George Pyle/The Buffalo News
   The old saw that all politics is local turns a little sour in the ears of some Western New York printing firms, where managers are unhappy at the sight of their hometown politicians buying their fliers, mailers and door-hangers from shops in other places.
   That led Timothy Freeman, president of the Amherst-based Printing Industries Alliance, to send an open letter to the area’s political candidates reminding them of the value of buying locally.
   “New York State’s economy continues to be very challenging,” Freeman wrote. “With national attention on putting the unemployed back to work, your decision to ‘Buy Direct’ could mean the different between keeping or losing a job for one of your constituents.”

   Speaking of coke, there is something else the soft drink would rather not be confused with -- even though the original formula included it, hence the name.  We'll let Dr. Clapton explain:


-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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