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On-line spending, at-the-pump spending, tiny abodes, and promotions...

From Business Today:

On Saturday we had a story about the early, early morning shopping some Holiday Shopping people find worthwhile. Deals can be had, but they are heard earned. Today the armchair/office chair shoppers have their day. Sales on Cyber Monday, a shopping dsay so named to recognize the fact that many people shop on-line while at work, are growing faster than regular store sales. This year on-line sales for Monday could top $1 billion, a 15 percent hike from last year.

Gas prices across the nation are going down a bit, but in the Buffalo Niagara region, they are going up. Retailers can spout all kinds of reasons - Buffalo is at the end of a GAS PRICES supply pipeline, taxes are higher here, etc., - but those reasons are getting old. Gas is three cents cheaper in Rochester, 60 miles away.

Small houses are one thing, but a movement in California, takes things to a tiny new level. Houses less than 100-square-feet, are Tiny Houses being sold. Don't forget to duck!

Who is getting promoted, hired or honored?

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