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Brother truckers, new Moog boss, tax preparers and promotions...

From Business Today:

Most of the truckers trapped in the day-and-a-half our shut down WINTER STORM of the New York State Thruway from Wednesday night into Friday morning took it all in stride. They're seen it all over the country, from ´╗┐Tucson to Tucumcarie. Trucking companies have to scramble when such a delay occurs, calling customers and finding alternate routes.

Moog Inc., one of Western New York's premier companies, has named John Scannell as president and COO.  An Irishman, Scannell John Scannell has been with Moog for 20 years, having joined the company in its European division. Scannell also becomes heir apparent to chairman Robert T. Brady.

Tax preparers who give rebate anticipation loans must register online with the state. The new law is to provide oversight of the expensive loan program that some say preys on the poor.

Who is getting hired, honored or promoted?

You knew this was coming...  

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