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Bubble hockey birthplace, holiday shopping local style, Pegula's natural gas success story...

From Business Today:

Who knew? The popular bubble hockey game, a staple in rinksICE  from California to Newfoundland are made right here in Clarence? Innovative Concepts in Entertainment has been making the games since 1983, along with other arcade staples. But it is bubble hockey that has become a fixture of modern arena life. Recognizing the popularity, the folks from ICE are staging the "World Bubble Hockey Championships" at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center during the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Local stores, the mom-and-pop shops sitting on city and CLAYTONS village streets away from the Big Box stores, are optimistic about a strong holiday shopping season.

Business columnist David Robinson explains how Terrence Pegula made enough money in the Pennsylvania natural gas business to consider buying the Sabres and possibly Pegula the Bills. It's a great story.

Niagara Falls may soon have its first licensed check cashing business. Universal Check Cashing Corp. has applied for a license to open a store on Portage Road. The state has cracked down on unlicensed check cashing operations, claiming they are preying on the poor by charging outrageous fees to cash pay checks.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

 These guys are good...  

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