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Gimme a (tax) break, going nuclear, cashing in...

From Business Today:

Buffalo development has benefited tremendously from a federal tax program that is in danger of going away. Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins delivered thatAVALON  message surrounded by developers and other politicians. The Renewal Community program that creates districts within which companies can qualify for tax breaks. Western New York has three such districts - Buffalo-Lackawanna, Niagara Falls and Jamestown - and the program has helped spur more than $105 million in investments over the past decade. Clearly, it is an important tax program for our impoverished region.

Graham Corp., the Batavia-based company that makes big metal things for the energy industry, has Graham made a big move into the nuclear power industry. The company spent $18 million to buy Energy Steel & Supply Co., a 52-employee form in Michigan that makes things for nuclear power plants. Graham Corp. has been on the hunt for an acquisition.

Rand Capital looks to make a tidy profit on a recent investment. Thge local venture capital firm spent Rand $1.6 million over the past two years on GridApp, a New York City database firm that is being bought by BMC Software. The purchase  price should being Rand about $4.9 million, more than triple its investment.

Who is getting ihired, honored or promoted?


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