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Lawyer vs. lawyer, automotive expansion, and road salt woes...

From Business Today:

Lawyers suing lawyers. That's what is happening in a nasty back and forth between Western New York attorney Steven J. Baum and New York City attorney Susan Chana Lask. Lask filed a racketeering lawsuit (seeking class-action status) against Baum in federal court accusing him of running a "foreclosure mill" and violating federal and state laws. Baum has fired back with a defamation and libel lawsuit. But Lask said today that she has not been served with the suit, and calls such attempts "frivolous."

Towne Automotive Group is getting a makeover. It's Ford, Lincoln, Towne Mazda and Hyundai stores will be revamped, bringing some together and remodeling others. It's part of a $1 million remodeling to adjust to new sales patterns.

The Holiday Inn Resort and Conference Center on Grand Island will be auctioned on January 11. The hotel has been operating in foreclosure Holiday inn since March. The Royal Bank of Canada, the mortgage holder, claims it is owed $7.6 million.

The WNED headquarters is so close to the I-190 highway that it is being sprayed by road salt, and that is causing some problems. The dsalt has eaten away at the building so much that it is now leaking. So the public television station is doing what public television stations do, asking for donations to fix the problem. A campaign to raise the $2.5 million is not under way.

Who is getting hired, promoted, and honored?

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