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Medical costs explained, discounter closes, Greatbatch settles and shopping off the beaten path...

From Business Today:

Have you seen your medical insurance bill yet? It's going up. The list of things driving that cost up is long. New Business reporter Jonathan D. Epstein talked with area medical executives about why costs are soaring: more high tech tests, an aging and overweight population, defensive medicine and costly drugs. Others point out that the medical system is not geared to to save money, but to expand.

Four A.J. Wright discount stores in Western New York are closing,AJ WRIGHT  and one in Niagara Falls will be re-branded as a Marshalls, T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods. It's part of a nationwide shutdown of the A.J. Wright chain by TJX Co. The changes will end about 4,400 mostly part-time jobs.

Greatbatch Inc. is extricating itself from the morass of the Louisana court system,settling a $34.5 million lawsuit for $25 million. Greatbatch has been sued by Ion Geophysical Corp. for fraudulently using Ion's product designs to develop a competing product. Greatbatch had had the case dismissed, but  the Lousiana Court of Appeals reinstated the case. 

The original case:
And, the denied appeal.

Rosa's Home Stores impending shut down comes after almost 30 years of making good business in a stagnant economy, no small feat. Business columnist David Robinson gives credit to the chain's accomplishments.

Some shoppers like to stay away from the Big Box stores and crowded malls, finding small niche stores Tangelder for their special gifts.

And a week's worth of real estate transactions Home sales in Erie and Niagara counties... 


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